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Obey protocol or go rogue as you take on the role of a powerful A.I. in Starmancer. Build bustling space ports, secret laboratories, and ethically ambiguous human farms. Defend against starvation, sabotage, and space cannibals. Don't worry, you can always grow more humans.

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Starmancer Early Access Release Date!
about 1 month ago – Tue, Jun 15, 2021 at 10:37:20 PM

We're releasing into Early Access on August 5th 2021! (It's a Thursday.) 

Here’s the announcement trailer that was just shown during the Future Games Show E3 2021 showcase:

Early Access

Our plan has always been to release Starmancer and continue adding new, free content for a long time (until way after it's responsible).

We have high level plans for post launch (e.g. weapons, livestock, bots, genetic augmentation), but our most important goal is to be as flexible as possible and address the least fun areas of the game.

Getting feedback from our community throughout development and recently during the Closed Beta has been super important for us. The element of fun adds a constant, unknowable cost. It's not easy to play your own game and figure out what's fun and what’s not, especially as a 2 person dev-team. That’s why we want to keep this flow of feedback going with you all for an Early Access launch and beyond. 

We want you to show us what you like about Starmancer (we'll add more of it), but also tell us what you don't like. If another game does something better, we want to know about it! Maybe they solved the same problem we’re having—good—everyone benefits from a great solution.

On a more personal note: we want to make something that's fun. There's a person out there having a bad day, and we want to make something that makes their day slightly less bad. We're not trying to make a game with a profound message, or to prove how "creative" we are.

It's a game. Games should be fun.

There's extra info, and a more in-depth report on what we've recently added to Starmancer on our website and we’ll be posting an update back here soon.

See you all on August 5th and don't forget to tell your friends!



Twitter: @StarmancerGame

Reddit: r/playstarmancer

YouTube: Ominux Games

Beta is now live!
4 months ago – Wed, Mar 31, 2021 at 05:34:49 PM

Beta is now live!

At this stage we're focusing on balancing, quality of life, and bug fixes

You can read more in our blog post here!

Keys are automatically emailed to everyone.

If you don't receive your key, contact us right away and we'll make sure you get one.

If you want to upgrade your order and get Beta, send us a message.

It's been a long time since the Kickstarter. Starmancer only exists because of you. 

We'll always be grateful.  We're doing our best.

Thanks Everyone!

(Not) a progress report, New Demo!
about 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 06:30:27 PM

It's been a while since the last progress report 🙄

This is not a progress report, instead we invite you to actually see the progress for yourself, by playing our new demo, which is the most current alpha build, with some limitations!

Steam Game Festival Demo

Between June 16th and 22nd you’ll be able play the Demo as part of the Steam Game Festival! We're giving you the (mostly) full game with a 60 minute timer which you can restart as many times as you want. The timer is also paused when you pause the game, so you can take your time without stress.

Link to Starmancer on Steam

Each play-through has a randomly-generated set of colonists so every game will be a bit different. You’ll start with some extra cash, all cosmetics unlocked, and most of the base game is there, including but not limited to slime monsters, fire, space madness and mysterious eggs. Send out your crew to infested stations, extract alien nectar using the incubator, farm wheat and make waffles, or just relax and spend your hour decorating with posters, paints, and carpets.  

Q&A Session on Friday

There will also be a Q&A session on Friday 19th June at 19.00 BST / 21.00 MSK / 11.00 PDT / 14.00 EDT / 20.00 CST in the Chucklefish Discord!  Tell your friends, coworkers, and mail handlers!

Beta, when?

We're aiming to get beta out a few weeks after the Steam Game Festival.

We've been play testing and polishing the game the past weeks for the sake of not only the demo, but the beta release. We still have a few things we want to include before beta.

You can check our Roadmap here!

Brief(-ish) Summary

For those who haven't been following our Devblog or Discord, I'm going to quickly summarize some of the changes since the last Kickstarter update.

- Capitalism: Items are no longer used to build things, only for crafting or powering objects. This allows us to add way more items, without construction being overwhelming or too specific. You can now sell almost all items, and use the money to expand your station.

- New Jobs: The jobs are now the following: Engineer, Chemist, Botanist, Doctor and Laborer.  There can only be one Chief Engineer, Chemist, Botanist and Doctor. These are the ones that do all the item crafting at their workstations. There can be an unlimited amount of Engineer- and Botanist-Assistants, as well as Laborers.

- Research: You start with only a few things you can build, and you'll have to research to unlock more.

- Crafting: To craft items, like Medkits, Tomato Juice or Crops you need to find Recipe Caches from missions, before you can order your colonist to make them. 

- Phoenix Protocol: You start with a limited number of colonist that you can grow. When a colonist dies you can recycle them, and grow them again. To get more colonist you'll have to find new ones on missions. This means you'll be more familiar with them and their unique traits, no matter how many times they perish from an oopsie.

- K.A.T: If this seems a bit overwhelming, don't worry. Our new A.I Assistant KAT will help guide you. We've also made sure to add UI icons, notifications and messages that informs you of everything going on, and there are so, so many tooltips.. Should you still find something confusing, please send us your feedback!

That's it for now! 

Have a great summer and stay safe!

Starmancer Progress Report, EGX London, and more
almost 2 years ago – Mon, Oct 07, 2019 at 11:58:11 PM

Since the release of Alpha we've added a ton of new content to the game.

We always post about each update on our devblog: Starmancer Devblog

There’s too much to go into detail here, but I'll summarize some of the most interesting bits.

Update Summary

  • Colonist - Good, Bad and Crazy

Perks can modify a colonists behavior and/or what makes them happy or sad. 

We've added perks like Gluttonous, Mute, Mean, Deaf, Friendly, Loner, etc. Colonists will start with a random mix of good and bad perks and may gain additional perks from low morale, including becoming a saboteur or maniac.

Colonists make friends and enemies. They will get mad and fight each other if their relationship turns sour.

  •  Solar system 

The solar system is populated with planets, asteroids, stations and space anomalies. 

Each stellar body is filled with various resources, waiting to be collected.

  •  Missions and Quests 

You can now send your colonists out into the void.

Pick your ship and crew -- make sure to have at least one expendable “red shirt”.

Take on quests for different Factions and NPCs.

Answer distress calls and hope it's not a pirate trap.

  •  External Areas 

Specific external floors are used to build external areas. To link the external and interior areas, airlocks are used in between. Colonist put on space helmets when going outside. 

We've added Solar panels, Landing pads and Exploration probes, which are all placed outside the station using the external floor system.

  •  Trading 

Merchants will occasionally visit your station to trade wares. Their prices are randomized depending on faction, so if you want cheap ore, you should hold out for a Mining Faction merchant.
    We also added our own currency called Zipher, or ZP for short.

  •  Starmancer Core Customization 

You can now create the AI of your dreams. 

Pick between different eyes, bodies, and color them.

Give them a cool name like MAL-8000, SlyNet or GLeeDOS.

  • And much more

Space Drugs, Blood, Workbench for Crafting, New Crop Graphics, Fertilizer, More Food Dishes, Colonist Memories, UI Improvements, Doctors and Medicine, Biomass and Fuel Tanks, NPC Characters, Mining and Exploration Skills, A Cursed Painting that makes Colonist Go Crazy.

So where are we with the Roadmap?

We keep updating the progress on our website (somewhat frequently)

Starmancer Roadmap

Last year we started overhauling the game engine to make it much more modular and support modding. Now we're benefiting from those upgrades, as adding new content is significantly quicker, sometimes barely not requiring any coding at all.

A completed milestone on the roadmap doesn't necessarily mean we're completely done with that part of the game. It means that the basic building blocks are in place, that it works, and that we can freely expand on it in the future. 

That being said, the last few months we've completed milestones at an unprecedented pace, and now we're more than halfway to BETA! *yay!*

EGX - London 2019

We'll be attending EGX together with Chucklefish this month, along with an Alpha Demo of Starmancer.

This will be the first time that our entire two-man team meets face to face in real life, being on different continents and all. I think we’re both a bit nervous. What are we going to do when we first meet, do we hug, shake hands, bro fist? Does science have an answer? 

EGX Starmancer Artwork

We're also excited to meet the guys and girls from Chucklefish!

If you’re attending, make sure to stop by, have a chat and get some free stickers.

E3 Trailer

In case you missed it, we had a new Starmancer trailer shown during the PC gamer E3 Show.

Steam Store

We have a Steam Store page now, if anyone is interested. It would actually help us a lot if you wishlist the game, even if you've already backed us. :)

Starmancer Steam Store

Thanks everyone!

We know we’ve been silent here for a while, we try to limit Kickstarter updates to big news.
Future updates will be much more frequent!

As always, any questions, feedback and suggestions are welcome on our Discord.

Alpha has arrived
over 2 years ago – Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 12:11:56 AM

Alpha is here, neat.

It's currently available for PC (Windows), Mac, and Linux.

It's being distributed through Steam.

We are still looking for Steam alternatives, but I encourage everyone to use Steam. It provides a standardized build for everyone.


Keys are being distributed through BackerKit. If you lost your email, please contact us. We'll need your name and the email address you used during the Kickstarter.

This is not Early Access. If you don't have Alpha Access, you can't get it. The game is not ready for release. If you want to have the most fun with Starmancer, wait for release. Play Alpha if you want to help us find issues and fix bugs.


Provide all feedback on our Discord server. This gives us with a single location for finding bug reports, suggestions, and comments.

If you post an issue somewhere else, we might not see it.


Dirk (the composer of our sound effects and music) uploaded the entire Starmancer soundtrack to his youtube channel. Give it a listen.

Contact Dirk if you're looking for sounds or music for your own game.

Thanks Everyone,

- Tyler